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  • Q.1 How do I access a Digital Subscription?

    We recommend taking out an online subscription via the respective subscription page (listed below and on every magazine title's shop page). This allows your log in details to work in the browser but also across our dedicated apps in the app stores.


    The Beano  |   Dennis The Menace and Gnasher's Epic Magazine |  WWE Kids  | 110% Gaming |  Noddy | Danger Mouse | Thunderbirds Are Go

    My Weekly  |  The People's Friend  |  No.1 Magazine  |  This England  |  Evergreen  |  Scottish Wedding Directory

    The Press and Journal (All Editions) | The Courier (All Editions) | The Sunday Post (All Editions) | Evening Express | Evening Telegraph

  • Q.2 How do I download a Digital Edition?

    Once you have an online subscription you can choose to read your magazine issues by logging in to the respective subscription page via your PC and/or the accompanying apps.

    Our digital edition apps are available in the Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle stores. See below for a step-by-step guide on how to download our apps for your device.


    On an iPad or iPhone 

    1. Locate the App Store icon and tap once. In the search field at the top right, type the name of the magazine. 
    2. Tap on the GET button within the search result.
    3. Then tap on the INSTALL button to install. The app will now begin to download.
    4. A box will then appear on your screen asking for your Apple ID password. Type in your Apple ID – or iTunes account – password and tap OK.
    5. When the app has installed, the button will say OPEN. Tap this to open the app.
    6. Once the app is open, tap on any issue to log in to the app with the same details as your online subscription. We advise you purchase subscriptions via the respective subscription page and access the app via the 'Already Subscribed?' box.

    On a Kindle

    1.  In your Kindle Fire home screen, type the name of the magazine into the search field at the top
    2.  In the search result, tap on the app and then the orange DOWNLOAD button.
    3. When the download of the app is complete tap on the orange OPEN button.
    4. Once the app is open, tap on any issue to log in to the app with the same details as your online subscription. We advise you purchase subscriptions via the respective subscription page and access the app via the 'Login with your existing subscription' box.

    On an Android Device

    1. Go to the Google Play store. In the search field, type the name of the magazine.
    2. From within the search results, tap on the app icon followed by the green INSTALL button.
    3. An ‘App permissions’ panel will appear, tap the green ‘ACCEPT’ button to start the installation of the app. 
    4. Now tap on the ‘OPEN’ button to open the app.
    5. Once the app is open, tap on any issue to log in to the app with the same details as your online subscription. We advise you purchase subscriptions via the respective subscription page and access the app via the 'Login with your existing subscription' box.

  • Q.3 How much does a subscription to a Digital Edition work and how much does it cost?

    The app is free to download, but to access the issues you will need to take out a subscription. See the respective subscription page for pricing details. 

    A subscription grants access to the entire archive of digital editions for a specified period of time. This is the perfect option if you wish to read your favourite magazine without taking up all the space on your device: simply log in to access all editions in the archive without retaining every issue in storage.

  • Q.4 How do I renew my subscription?

    To renew your subscription, go to the respective subscription page. Log into your account and select Purchase Subscription from the left hand menu. 

    You will then be taken to the subscription page again but this time your details will already be filled out. Select the subscription type you want to purchase and then select Subscribe.

    On the payments website, follow the instructions on the secure payment website.

    After the payment process has been completed you will either be redirected to the publication or your account page.

  • Q.5 Is there a way to access permanent issues without subscribing?

    In some of our digital editions we offer single editions.  These remain permanently accessible in the app unless you choose to delete the editions from your device. Please see in-app or the respective subscription page for confirmation.

  • Q.6 How do I manage single editions from my device?

    To remove single editions, tap on the download icon from the top bar in the app and delete issues no longer required.

    If you would like to re download the issue, you can do at a later date.

    The app will recognise that editions were purchased previously and allow download for free.

  • Q.7 How do I update my details or reset my password?

    To update your details, log in to the subscription page and select the Update Details link in your account.

    Select the Change Password link to reset your password.

  • Q.8 I have forgotten my password, how can I gain access to my subscriptions?

    On the subscription page, select the Forgotten your Password link underneath the username and password fields. Enter your registered email address/username and select Send Details.

    An automated email will be sent to your registered email address with an automatically generated password you can change later.

  • Q.9 Is there an alternative way to download Digital Editions?

    You can also download and purchase a subscription for a digital edition solely via the apps.

    However, this does not grant access to the browser edition and we would not have your details to assist you with customer account or billing queries.

    If you choose to access your editions via app-only you can buy an in-app purchase via the My Subscriptions panel (iPad/iPhone) or the Purchase a Subscription button (Kindle/ Android)

    Please note that if you take out a subscription via the app store, it will auto-renew unless cancelled during the subscription period.

  • Q.10 Can I download and read issues offline later?

    Yes. At any time during the duration of your subscription period, you can download an issue, read later offline.

    To do so, click on the download button under each issue. You can now turn off your Wi-Fi and access issues offline by tapping on the download icon on the top bar.

  • Q.1 wish to provide feedback on your products or service

    If you have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In or Instagram, you are now able to leave product reviews on our product pages. 

    If you wish to feedback on your user experience on our website or our service in general, please ping us an email to tell us -

    We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to do this. 

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